AEBE, the Association of Biodanza Schools in Spain, is honoured to organize the next European Biodanza Congress Rolando Toro System from October 11th - 14th, 2018.


It is a collaborative project from all Spanish Schools united to create a space for encounter, exchange and communication where we could address together the challenges of the future development of Biodanza in Europe, and an excellent base to foster cooperation networks, according to the times we are living.


The motto we chose for the Congress, “Paradise is now”, is inspired by the commitment to realize the biocentric principle in everyday life, as Rolando Toro dreamed:

"We just need a new way of perception, entering the paradise and starting a new way of living where the referents would be loving, kinesthetic, aesthetic and transcendent.[...] Our key is in the exaltation of life, celebration, joy, lightness, freshness, sensuality...building our reality and our own paradise. [...] Despite the difficulties, despite the signs of horror of our time, the paradise is here, so close that we find it difficult to perceive it".


We invite you to share together a moment of paradise here and now that serves as a push to build projects of paradise for the world from a place of encounter, love and cooperation. And we propose you to do it in a palpable vestige of paradise, the natural reserve of the Enebrales in the Costa de la Luz of Spain, an ideal environment to enjoy the encounter, wonderful vivencias, School directors meetings, conferences and round tables, moments of coexistence, art and culture, walks along the beach and pine forests…


We will be able to enjoy wonderful experiences and learn about Biodanza development projects and their applications from the most prestigious international Didactas.


We look forward


to creating with you all


the garden of paradise


in the land of light.

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